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adidas Taekwondo Shin & Instep Protector WTF

adidas Taekwondo Shin & Instep Protector WTF

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Shin/instep guard protect both the shin and the foot, ensuring comfort and full support.
WTF Approved.

The Adidas vinyl shin and instep protector is designed for maximum comfort and protection. It features shock absorbing foam padding that disperses high impacts, keeping your shin and top of your foot safe from injury. They fit snug and comfortably with 2 elastic straps and hook-and-loop closures without restricting your movement. The Adidas shin and instep protectors are durable and safe enough for the most intense sparring and competition. World Taekwondo Federation approved. To protect your shins and feet from the impact of a landed kick, this package covers your lower legs and the tops of your feet in contoured padding to absorb and dissipate blows.

* World Taekwondo Federation Approved
* Keeps shin and instep safe from injury with shock absorbing foam padding
* Offers protection for shin and upper part of foot from high impact kicks
* Designed to absorb and disperse impact
* Comfortable and snug fit provided by elastic straps and hook-and-loop closures
* WTF recognized shin and instep protector.
* Absorbs shock and disperses impact.
* Five layers of high density foam protection covered with soft vinyl.
* Wide top, narrow bottom provides ergonomic fit and protects the entire shin.
* Thick insert added around ankle for additional protection.
* Two elastic straps with hook & loop closure.
* ~Available in white only


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